Novel Utopia


Novel Utopia was founded in 2021 by LA artists Ethan Chilton & Love the Paradox. Their innovative, indie-rooted, expansive music and art unites the global community around antidotes to nihilism: basic human goodness, the power of dreams, and hope for the climate-and-social-justice-positive future.
Co-Founders & bandleaders Ethan Chilton & Christian Robinson (aka Love the Paradox) had met years prior in Sokamba Performing Arts Company, working on their show Petrichor. Further collaboration on a Love the Paradox track morphed into a full piece, and many subsequent backyard conversations over tea stoked a shared desire to do something big – to try to draw attention to climate and sustainability issues and motivate humanitarian action with their music. Over one writing session in November 2021, they generated an album’s worth of free-form poetry that presented a plea for change at the individual, communal, and global level. This quickly became the genesis for Novel Utopia’s first live project: the Sound of Earth Suite.
They planned their first show as part of the first ever Sound of the Earth Festival at the legendary Troubadour on Earth Day 2022. Seeking to cultivate the best possible energy they could gather in one space, they assembled a 20-piece band of classical musicians, singer-songwriters, touring professionals, and overall bad mofos to bring the Sound of Earth suite to life.
With the fire ignited, Novel Utopia began releasing live singles from that first performance, and intends to perform in a modular fashion - developing their new 7-piece core band, as well as acoustic, DJ, and smaller-format big band. The common thread? A love of Earth, a vision for a future where all have access to abundant and pragmatically redesigned resources, and a fascination with pushing forward the musical & technological envelope.
Listeners have described their music as “if Radiohead and Snarky Puppy got caught in a nuclear fusion reactor.” Mica Erin, Kopona Otosi, Stella Kaplan, Aaron Reihs, and Benjamin Ring comprise the core live band alongside Chilton & Robinson, and create a palpable sensation in the LA music scene with each subsequent show.