Love The Paradox


Christian Robinson has been making multimedia under a variety of names in the public eye since 2012. As Love The Paradox, Robinson dons innumerable hats within a music-focused project. His roles include DJ, guitarist, vocalist, keyboardist, sound designer, programmer, arranger, mixer, mastering engineer, animator, and more. His creative output defies categorization. His music is both moving and universal and often transcends traditional song structures. Despite the intense and unpredictable nature of his music, Robinson's perspective radiates optimism, suggesting an inherent peace and joy in life's processes. It unfolds as complex journeys of emotion, thought, and experience.

His expertise spans from compositional and artistic to technical and strategic realms. His multimedia credits are impressive, including but not limited to work with Jacob Collier (Visuals for his Dubai World Expo & Second Sky Festival Performances), Felly (managing lighting & video simultaneously in an improvisational style), and Sokamba Performing Arts Co. (contributing music and video for a sold-out mixed media dome show featuring over 75 artists; music directing for a UNICEF + World Art Day Collaboration; composing for three other sold-out shows). He also co-created lighting and video performances for Allie X, Joey Bada$$, and coordinated audiovisual elements for Manifest 1.0, an award-winning production by the artist collective The Family in New York City, featuring Sunni Colön.

He is credited on the tracks “Climate” & “Horizoning” with Novel Utopia, which originated as Love The Paradox songs before the inception of the band. These songs have evolved significantly within Novel Utopia and are primarily performed by the group.

Expect more from Love The Paradox in the near future, as Robinson steps into the spotlight with a collection of solo music, including an EP set for release in 2024. This project has been in development for almost a decade.