Fairy Muze

Puerto Rican artist Fairy Muze raises the energy with her worldly tribal sounds when she's behind the decks, as well as soothes your soul with her dreamy and cinematic original songs. 
DJ Fairy Muze behind the decks
As a DJ, she has seen a rapid ascent in her first year on the scene. Even though she specializes in Latin/Afro/Melodic house, her adaptability enables her to mix any style, be it Disco, Bass, Reggaeton, or Trance. Her cultural heritage and intuitive rhythm has allowed her to choose music that makes people want to express themselves freely. Her collaborations have been numerous, from igniting the dance floor for 1000+ attendees at Sound of Earth x Love Unity Initiative at the Santa Monica pier tp Playground X, and all the way through conscious collectives like Liber8, Organika and Flowtribe. With her insatiable curiosity, innovative selection and connection to her roots, when she sprinkles her fairy dust, you’ll be left with the perfect dance-filled, soul-awakening night to remember.
As a Singer, Songwriter, Producer, & Pianist, she has released 4 tracks "Town of Doom," "Be Your Own Muse," "Espuma," and "Carry Love," as well as a collaboration with Two The Moon entitled "Destino." These songs feature an electronic sound, mostly rooted in house & tech-house, and bilingual messages that affirm positivity & emotional health. "Espuma" is something akin to "Sea-Foam" and is a Sound of Earth favorite featuring Ethan Chilton of Novel Utopia on trumpet.
Keep a look out for Fairy Muze's monthly releases this upcoming year along with numerous DJ sets to come.