Artist's Statement | Sustainability | Love The Paradox

Artist's Statement | Sustainability | Love The Paradox

Hi, Love The Paradox here.

Pragmatically speaking: Earth is Home. Mars and other planets may become livable in our lifetime, but Earth has a beauty that cannot be replicated. I can't control how future generations behave, nor can I control the actions of anyone else alive, but I want to help make my version of utopia while I'm alive here. 

Mystically speaking: anywhere we lay our hat should feel like home, be it Mars / Earth, or a distant star. I seek to always feel grounded and create access to resources so that I can increase my feelings of inner peace - and I trust that if I do so, that will have a ripple effect felt harmoniously by someone else. 

Artistically speaking: no matter what I do, I always try to incorporate nature into my art. I got to work as a video creator for Jacob Collier and make visuals for his Dubai World Expo & Second Sky 2021 Festival performances, and I can't tell you how much of the show is driven by nature-oriented footage and nature-inspired animation. We have to start with love & gratitude to realize that this place is worth 'saving.' Similarly, when working on the Sokamba Performing Arts Co. Petrichor soundtrack and dome show (where Ethan Chilton and I met, 3 years before Sound of Earth was born), we were heavily inspired to examine the relationship between humanity & nature.

In terms of my evolution, art has led me to action. My areas of interest and study have evolved from the compositional and artistic to include the technical, operational, and strategic as they relate to sustainability technology and running startups. I've been involved in a myriad of projects in sustainability, from startup experiments in vertical farming & atmospheric water capture to an XPRIZE team called Pull To Refresh co-creating robotic boats that sink invasive seaweeds to sequester harmful CO2. In fact, while trying to market Pull To Refresh, Sound of Earth was born - out of the idea that 'sinking seaweed' isn't 'sexy' but it can be when combined with amazing music.

Our sustainability design ideologies have grown beyond the scope of Pull To Refresh, and though they are our original partner, I can't wait to see what else the Carbon Dioxide Removal landscape holds - and I trust in human ingenuity to not only allow us to survive this climate crisis, but to thrive and overcome the very worst - while creating the very best livable environment humanity has seen to date, in the process. I'd rather die on this hill and be wrong, and try to bring it to life than adopt any other stance. Much love to all the future generations - this is for you. May you live lives free from eco-oppression. 

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